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Global Customer Group Discount Percentages

Global Customer Group Discount Percentages
Product Code: 9423
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Whether you are offering direct wholesale and retails sales or a customer loyalty program where certain customer receive a small discount on all items in your store. If you have a reasonable number of products micro-managing the additional price tiers can quickly get out of hand. Global Customer Group Discounts allows you to specify the discount rate at the 'Customer Group' level and it will automatically be applied to all products (and option prices) that exist.

Products can be individually disabled from receiving the discount and override the 'special' price field at the controller/model level making it compatible with any theme. Additionally a customer will receive the 'lowest available price' should an item be on special (ex. discount rate does not stack on top of discount ~~ based upon feedback I may add an option control to enable/disable stacking).

❤ HunterBM is one of the top extension authors on OpenCart, purchase knowing that you will be receiving high quality code and support if it is required.
❤ We listen to your suggestions, if you think of a way that we can improve on what we have created please don't hesitate to get in touch or leave a suggestion in the comments.
❤ Please do not forget to rate this extension 5 stars if you are happy with it.

✯ Provide Globalized Percentage Based Discounts Across Your Website.
✯ Individually Disable Specific Products From Being Affected By Discounts.
✯ Discounts Do Not Stack On Top Of Specials (customer receives the lowest rate of the two).

✔ Requires VQMOD
✔ No Core Alteration Are Made, Entirely VQMOD
✔ Compatible With All Third Party Themes

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